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About The Perdido Bay Medical Group

Welcome To Our Practice

The Perdido Bay Medical Group is a family medicine practice serving adults of all ages and children as young as 4 years old in the Lillian, Alabama, area. 

Experienced family medicine physician Daniel Spriggs, MD, launched the practice in 2021, when he discovered that the Lillian community needed more than the ordinary family medicine practices available at that time.

The Perdido Bay Medical Group offers chronic disease management, acute illness care, arthritis care, geriatrics, and specialized care for disability and special-needs patients. 

What truly sets the practice apart is its commitment to forging relationships with its patients. The team knows that patients are individuals who have unique needs and concerns, so they develop a relationship with every patient according to their particular situation and wishes. 

They believe that medicine is never one-size-fits-all, so they offer flexible care including same-day visits, telemedicine, home visits, and hospice care. 

Every member of the family can rely on The Perdido Bay Medical Group for empathetic care, administered with respect and honesty. The team is welcoming new patients, so book an appointment online or by phone today. 


The Perdido Bay Medical Group
34463 US Hwy 98, Suite G
Lillian, AL 36549
Phone: 251-319-7464
Fax: 251-317-8994

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