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Disability And Special Needs Specialist

The Perdido Bay Medical Group

Family Practitioner & Primary Care located in Lillian, AL

Dr. Spriggs has been a special needs provider in Mobile and Baldwin County for over 35 years.  He provided care for MARC, BARC, Volunteeers of America group homes, Altapointe and L'Arche communities.  Medical care for individuals with a disability or special needs requires a unique approach. That’s why The Perdido Bay Medical Group goes the extra mile to create a comfortable environment where you feel supported. Experienced family physician Daniel Spriggs, MD, offers in-office care in Lillian, Alabama, as well as home visits and telemedicine. Book your appointment online, or call the office to schedule today.

Disability and Special Needs Q&A

Who are disability and special-needs patients?

Disability and special-needs patients have unique medical needs due to physical or mental conditions. These patients can range in age from preschool to geriatric, and their needs may change over the years. 

The Perdido Bay Medical Group provides the highest standard of disability and special-needs care in the Lillian, Alabama, area. 

What does disability and special-needs care include?

Disability and special-needs care includes comprehensive medical care for not only disabilities and special needs but also for coexisting health issues. 

For example, many people with disabilities or special needs may need chronic disease management, arthritis care, geriatric care, and other specific medical care alongside the management of their condition or disease.

Your regularly scheduled medical care may include lifestyle management, medication, physical therapy, mental health counseling, and many other aspects of whole-body health. 

The team respects the role your loved ones may play in the management of your disability or special needs, so if you wish, they welcome caregivers to participate in appointments.

In addition to your scheduled medical care, you have continual medical monitoring through the Chronic CareIQ system. This system connects you with your health care team by text, email, or a smartphone app. You regularly answer a series of simple questions, which the system tracks and reports to your health care team. 

If new problems or potential issues arise, The Perdido Bay Medical Group can promptly set up an appointment for a checkup, testing, and medical treatment. With this system, you never have to feel like you’re out of touch with your health or your health care team. 

What if disability and special-needs patients can’t come in for medical care?

The office has private waiting rooms, but The Perdido Bay Medical Group team understands that coming into the office isn’t always ideal for disability and special-needs patients. If you’re more comfortable at home, you can opt for either home visits or telemedicine. 

The Perdido Bay Medical Group team provides respectful and compassionate care to every person with disabilities and special needs. To learn more about the customized care options available, call the office or click on the provided link now.